Ways To Clear Away Clutter and Maintain a Less Stuffy World!

So you’re a bit of a tidy freak. You know what it’s like to rummage through your closet and find 20 pairs of shoes that all look the same, or to have 20 various sorts of shampoo bottles heaped up on your bathroom counter. You are not alone! Many people have hoarding tendencies when it comes to their possessions: I’m sure we’ve all seen it in someone’s living room or bedroom. Yet the good news is that decluttering isn’t only about getting rid of things—it can also be an empowering experience that allows us to embrace life more completely and live our lives without the unneeded clutter surrounding us!

 the benefits of decluttering!

Decluttering your life can have a variety of benefits. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good place to start:

  • Reduces stress
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces clutter and helps you find things more easily when they’re needed (or not)
  • Increases space in the home/office/etc., which is always a plus! If you’re someone who likes having lots of things around, then decluttering will probably make you feel happier about the fact that there are fewer things taking up space. That makes sense right? And then if that’s not enough for ya…you’ll also get some extra energy from all those extra square inches! Yay! It’s like getting paid twice over–once by doing something nice for yourself and once again because now everything has its own designated place instead of being everywhere all at once! And lastly…the increased mental clarity which comes from having less stuff around means that when something does happen where maybe we need something quickly but don’t know where it went during our purge frenzy earlier this week (oh yeah…we did purge some stuff), now everything has been put away properly so we won’t miss anything important anymore.”

Decluttering a home can be a challenge.

Decluttering a home can be a challenge. You know it’s important, but you’re not sure how to do it or if it’s even possible. Or maybe your house is so full of clutter that you just want to throw up your hands and give up on decluttering altogether.

It’s ok! It happens to everyone—every day. But don’t worry: we’ve got some tips and tricks for getting started on this journey toward simplifying your life!

How to declutter your life.

  • Start with the things you use most often
  • Do a physical decluttering of your home, car, and work space
  • Do a mental decluttering of your personal space

1. Start with your desk.

  • Start with your desk
  • Clear out the papers on your desk and make sure they’re in order. You don’t want to leave behind any important files, so if you have more than one project going at once, it’s best to keep track of them by category or subject rather than just throwing everything into one big pile.
  • Clear out anything else that’s unnecessary: files, letters from friends and family members who aren’t asking for something specific—anything! Put everything else away until later (if ever).
  • Clean up your computer’s desktop using CCleaner or similar software; this will help eliminate clutter by removing excess programs as well as unused files which can slow down performance over time because of their size alone.”

2. Use your old books as inspiration for new reading material.

It’s always a good idea to keep a stockpile of books, but the problem is that you can never read them all in one go and sometimes it feels like there are just too many! To solve this problem, donate your old books to a local library or charity so that other people can enjoy these titles as well

3. Declutter your fridge by making room for new foods, too!

If you’re like me, your refrigerator is overflowing with old food that has been sitting there for months or years. You may even have forgotten about the stuff in there until it was time to make dinner and found yourself rummaging through the crisper drawer looking for something new to put on the table. To avoid this situation, simply buy a magnet and organize your fridge like this:

  • Use a magnet with two different sizes; one large enough to hold things like milk and juice containers (or glass jars if you don’t want them touching), while also small enough so that you can still see everything clearly when looking at it from across the countertop/tabletop where most people keep their fridges located because they’re often taller than most other household items such as bookshelves etcetera which makes finding items much easier when searching through stacks upon stacks of cans/jars next door due t0 lackluster lighting conditions within many homes where people live together without any privacy whatsoever – which leads us back again into our original point…

4. Challenge yourself to make room for one less thing per day for a week (or more!) until it feels easy again, then move on to the next thing on this list!

Challenge yourself to make room for one less thing per day for a week (or more!). You’re going to need to be persistent and consistent in order for this process to work, but it is well worth the effort. You can start with one item and move on from there, or you can tackle all of them at once. Regardless of how long it takes, once you have completed this step and felt better about your home because of it, then you will be ready for another challenge!

This method is great because it gives us momentum by pushing us forward through our clutter-clearing journey; we feel accomplished when we finally get rid of something even if it feels like forever ago that we started this project! In addition: by focusing on one thing at a time rather than everything at once (like other methods), things become more manageable; this means less stress over what needs doing next (and less time spent doing unnecessary chores). Finally: challenging ourselves with these challenges allows us all sorts of new ways – including creative ones – into how we approach living spaces today.”


If you’re anything like us, you probably have a lot of stuff in your life. Maybe it’s clothes, maybe it’s books, maybe it’s CDs or DVDs from the past decade that you never even listened to—whatever it is, chances are there’s a lot of clutter taking up room in your home or car. And while we know that decluttering isn’t easy for everyone (and we don’t expect you to do this overnight!), there are some great ways to start getting rid of that clutter!